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Introducing the new Charcoal Group website

As a hospitality group The Charcoal Group has spent the last sixty years perfecting every element of the industry and we thrive on providing the best experiences possible through each one of our nine concepts.

We’ve spent the last year working with a local startup MyLocal to bring all of our individual restaurant websites up to date. Giving each one of them the identity they deserve with lots of room to grow.

As part of this we are so excited to introduce the brand new Charcoal Group site. One centralized home on the web where you can access everything related to the group, as well as find links to all of the individual restaurant sites.

Make a reservation - at any of our restaurants, all from this site.

Plan your event - check out menus and floorplans at each one of our venues to learn more and contact our Private Dining team at any point during the process.

Check your Bite Club Card balance - or sign up to get started with Bite Club right on the site.

Purchase gift cards - through an online shopping cart, choose how many you’d like and any denomination.

Our Brand Guardian/Designer (Cindy Perri) and New Media Culturalist (Amanda Wood) have worked together over the last year to completely redesign and develop the site you see now. When it came to design, we knew that the items which guests look for the most needed to be up front and centre (reservations, event planning, gift cards and Bite Club). We also wanted to make sure the identity of the group was represented effectively, using photos taken over the years inside the restaurants as the backbone for the site was a no-brainer. Most importantly we needed a site that could be added to, and updated regularly, as our group constantly re-evaluates and evolves.

We’re incredibly proud of this new site and are so excited to share it with you finally! We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it and please send us feedback at hello[at]charcoalgroup[dot]ca.

Special thanks to Cindy, Amanda and the whole team at MyLocal for getting our new site up and running!


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