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Celebrating International Women's Day with The Charcoal Group!

The Charcoal Group has grown its team with a group of successful women at its core and continue to support the importance of women leaders in the workplace.

By identifying and investing in strong female team members, Charcoal Group has established a team of 17 female leaders and will continue to grow that number in the coming years. With women in roles including marketing, operations, management and culinary, the Charcoal Group continues to support female talent in the hospitality industry.

With a combined 95 years of time spent with the Charcoal Group, the ladies pictured are just a few of the countless incredible female team members dedicated to being a part of the best place to work in hospitality in Canada.

Pictured Left to Right:
Cindy Perri - Brand & Marketing Director, CG, 14yrs
Stephanie Steingberg - Event Coordinator, The Bauer Kitchen, 16yrs
Tami Emuss - Regional Operations Leader, CG, 2.5yrs
Erika Lund - Chef, Wildcraft, 1.5yrs
Cindy Fawcett - General Manager, The Bauer Kitchen, 5yrs
Christine Royle - Assistant General Manager, The Bauer Kitchen, 2yrs
Shanna Jenion - Performance Systems Manager, CG, 3yrs
Jennifer Tamse - Director, Beer & Beverage, CG, 5yrs
Danielle Hanna - Sous Chef, Beertown Public House Waterloo, 7yrs
Tina Bazeley - Assistant General Manager, Sociable Kitchen & Tavern, 1yr
Sally Ellis - Digital Media Manager, CG, 1yr
Tanya Walsh - Corporate Controller, CG, 2.5yrs
Robyn Armstrong - Pastry Chef, Wildcraft, 3yrs
Bromlyn Bethune - VP, Operations, CG, 1yr
Megan Stover - People Person, CG, 18yrs

Not pictured:
Alexandra Swiderski - Pastry Chef, The Bauer Kitchen, 2yrs
Alena Fisher - General Manager, Beertown Public House Burlington, 6yrs

If you’re interested in discussing with these leaders and the importance of promoting female talent in the workplace or if you would like to learn about the Charcoal Group’s commitment to empowering female leaders, please let us know and we’d be happy to make arrangements.

To learn more about Charcoal Group of Restaurants, please visithttp://www.charcoalgroup.ca/.InC


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