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Recapping a CollaBREWation with Elora Brewing Company

Recapping a CollaBREWation with Elora Brewing Company

Saturday, April 8 was a big day for Beertown Public House as we celebrated our first ever collaBREWation between our guests, staff and Elora Brewing Company. During the month of January, all three Beertown locations hosted CollaBREWary, where guests could enter to win the ultimate prize: a chance to collaborate with Elora Brewing Company on unique and limited brews.

After some deliberation over what the beers would be, the team landed on two different styles of beer, a Strawberry Saison and a Belgian Golden Ale, two very appropriate choices for the spring season.

The process began with creating the mash from grains and boiling water.

Brewing requires a lot of waiting, so while the mash was breaking down the starch into sugars, Matt and Jon from Elora provided the group with some samples of their current brews. Jon told us all about how Elora came to be and the rich history behind the building.

From left to right: Three Fields Lager, Elora Borealis, Belgian IPA from Block Three, and Ladyfriend IPA. Matt described how they love to support their local friends in craft beer, having brews from Block Three, MacKinnon Brothers, and Pommies Farmhouse cider on tap.

Elora butchers and cures the meats for their charcuterie on-site as well as pickling their mushrooms, fennel, and daikon! You could certainly taste the freshness in these ingredients.

Monster Mash Pumpkin Porter and MacKinnon Brothers Hoppy Beet Ale.

Fun Fact: Lady Friend won SILVER for best British IPA, at the Ontario Craft Brewing Awards this past month! 

The mash is done! The next step in the brewing process is to drain the wort: the sugary liquid that comes from the mashing process.

Lily and Scott preparing the strawberries for the Saison!

The wort then needed to boil for another hour, adding two different types of hops at two stages of the boiling process. While it was boiling, the group had a fantastic lunch made with Elora beer-infused ingredients, thirst-quenching brews, and lots of beer talk.

Two pieces of Hill Top Farms chicken, Three Fields Lager and buttermilk marinated, frites, pickled veggies, and homemade ketchup and salsa.

Our lucky winners from London! Scott (in the middle) is a home-brewer who had a lot of expertise to add to the experience.

Our Waterloo winners! Leah (on the left) says that Beertown Waterloo is one of her top spots to visit in the region for craft beer.

Once the boiling was finished, the group extracted the hoppy, sugary liquid from the kettle and passed it through a chiller to make it room temperature. It was then drained into a glass jug where the team then added the yeast for the final step of the day.

Once the yeast was added, it needed to be agitated to get the yeast moving and begin the fermentation process.

The beer needs to ferment now, so the group said goodbye for the day and are all anxiously awaiting the final product! Stay tuned to see how it turns out, we certainly can’t wait! 

Writer & Photographer: Julie Glasgow 

Contributers: Evin Lachance & Cindy Perri. 


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