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3 Chefs go to Market for Food Day Canada

3 Chefs go to Market for Food Day Canada

Food Day Canada is very special not only to The Bauer Kitchen but to the entire Charcoal Group Family. As the Wideman's say, "it's not a trend for us, it's just the way we do business" – we have always believed in supporting local by buying where possible and we have done so for 60 years. Food Day Canada is a chance to honour our Ontario farmers, fishers, foodies, and researchers. This is the 1st year we will be participating and the menu that Chef Clarmo has crafted has captured an essence of Canadian Cusine that is very thrilling and very local-inspired. So with that in mind, taking a trip to  St. Jacobs Farmers' Market was a necessity to bring the menu to life.  

Food Day Canada takes place on August 5th, so we followed Chef Todd Clarmo, Chef Michael Hodgson, and Chef Scott Mills as they shopped for the ingredients needed for the 9-item all Canadian menu. Having been there multiple times, with a well-detailed list in hand, the Chefs knew where they were going, what they needed, and made sure everything they purchased was grown on Ontario Soil.

Chef Clarmo stopped to smell all of the herbs he could. We suppose when you're a foodie obsessed with the best, these are the things you do!

Fresh dill from Bros Apple Farm will be infused in a sour cream to top the Manitoulin Organic Trout.  

Chef Mills finding the perfect yellow and zebra tomatoes from Nauman Farm. Here we also picked up cauliflower, fresh basil, and carrots! 

Crisp Basil will be used for the Frozen Tomato Salad.

Teichroeb's Farm supplied us with great homegrown cucumbers! 

Peppers to bring the heat on top Chef's Barbecued Veal Sweetbreads.

Super Sweet Romagnoli Farms Cherries will be soaked in pinot and then used to create the Niagara Pavlova for dessert. 

Safe to say we scoured the entire market to find the finest and freshest local produce. All-in-all it was a great morning at St. Jacobs. Special mention also goes out to Gus Wagenmakers out of Beamsville, Berry Hill Fruit Farm, and Mountain Oak Cheese. Thank you to all the vendors, The TBK culinary teams look forward to crafting your hard work into something deliciously beautiful. 

Join us on Saturday, August 5th at 3:00pm to taste what the culinary team lead by Chef Clarmo has prepared. We look forward to serving you!  

Food Day Canada at the Bauer Kitchen 

Contributor: Evin Lachance 


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