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#Brewstache wrap-up! Movember campaign with Beertown and Steam Whistle

#Brewstache was our most recent Beertown campaign with Steam Whistle, DaveFM and FM96, and has quickly become one of our favourite projects to have worked on. We thought we’d share a little behind-the-scenes on how it all came together.

A few months ago a couple members of our team took a trip to the Steam Whistle brewery in Toronto where Greg and Cam gave us a fantastic tour of the brewery and where we spotted the green moustaches that sit perfectly atop a bottle of beer. They were such a fun idea that we knew Beertown guests would love, so we kept them in mind as we headed home from the tour.

When November rolled around we reached out to Steam Whistle to see if they would be interested in working together on something for Movember and if we could use the green moustaches in restaurant. With their marketing team we determined that with every Steam Whistle ordered a guest would receive a complimentary green moustache. We called it a Brewstache and the ideas kept rolling. We wanted to see guests using the brewstaches so we came up with the #Brewstache hashtag so they could share photos of themselves with the brewstache online.

Around the same time DaveFM approached us about their Movember campaign and we decided to blend the two campaigns together. Now in addition to every Steam Whistle order being paired with a Brewstache, we would also donate $1 for every order and then another $1 every time a guest shared a photo of themselves with the #Brewstache hashtag online. All of the proceeds would then go to Prostate Cancer Research for Movember. We approached Grand River hospital to determine the best place to donate the proceeds to keep the money local.

As a marketing team, we really had fun when this one came across our desks. We were inspired by a photo we’d seen online and wanted to base the campaign around people sharing photos of themselves and just having a good time. We had the thought of involving individuals from the community as well because in a region like Kitchener-Waterloo they’d likely be recognized and the connection to the campaign would just be that much stronger.

We found our models and everyone was really excited to participate. It’s just such a fun campaign that it really wasn’t difficult to get people on board. The models included Gareth McLeod and Trevor Creech of local based startup Tinkercoin, Ryan Ward of Kitchener-Waterloo Craft Beer club, Jessica Hunsdale-Loh who is friends with a lot of people from the Beertown team, Alexander Marshall from George Briggs Media and our very own Amanda Wood from the marketing team here.

We connected with Alex from George Briggs because we knew their new co-working space had a photo studio that was available for rent. We spent a couple hours photographing all our models, which was another awesome part of the project.

Once we had all the photos edited, Ryan our designer hand-illustrated the posters and really made the final product come to life.

The campaign included posters, table-talkers, and framed portraits of our models all throughout the Beertown locations. We updated our social profiles and website to reflect the campaign as well. Facebook posts and tweets were sent out from Beertown, Steam Whistle and DaveFM throughout the month and the collaboration between partners is what really made this so successful.

Everyone getting involved and posting their photos, and sharing the campaign made this so awesome.

In total we raised: $5000 from 91.5 the Beat went to Movember Canada and $3370 from Beertown and Steam Whistle went directly to Grand River Hospital for prostate cancer research.

Thank you!!


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