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Creating a New Collaborative Batch!

Creating a New Collaborative Batch!

A Beertown brew has always been at the top of our wish list for Beertown Public House. Keeping in mind that we are a restaurant first, and not a brewery, we believe the best possible brew would come from a collaboration with an expert brewer who knows their craft. Allowing us to keep doing what we do best; bringing you the best possible dining experience!

The key to this idea was collaborating with a Head Brewer who believed in the integrity of the craft as much as we do—and that is where Steve from Innocente Brewing Co. came into the picture. We knew Steve from opening our first Beertown in Cambridge ON, and quickly realized that not only is Steve an expert, he is a wildly talented perfectionist who is not afraid to experiment and take chances. To top it all off, he is a local business just like Beertown – a ‘batch’ made in heaven! 

The first beer we brewed with Innocente was the Batch_01: Charcoal Porter back in 2014, at Megan Stover’s request. Steve totally nailed it as the batch won a bunch of awards (Gold at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards and Silver at the 2015 Ontario Brewing Awards). You can still try Batch_01 at all our locations.

Our collab. brews differ from year to year. We struck gold with Charcoal Porter and have created some strong contenders with Batch_02: California Commons (2015) and Batch_03: Purgatory Black Cream Ale (2015). This year is no different. We are collaborating on the perfect pairing to any one of our Beergardens and the sunny summer weather—a Cherry Saison. 

Back in March, a team of CG members met at Innocente in Waterloo, ON, to taste the test batches Steve had created for us. 

Every test batch was delicious but we needed to pinpoint the perfect blend that was not only unique but something our guests would be excited to sip again and again. 

The team went through a lot of different scenarios with Head Brewer Steve. He walked us through his process and discussed all of the possibilities.

It was important to us that we craft a brew for our guests that has a colour reminiscent of cherries. We combined a few test batches to get the perfect taste, mouthfeel, and colour. 

The team agreed on a blend of two test batches. Steve took that information and applied it to a brand new (and possibly final) batch. 

The team returned May 19th to try the final test. After a last minute request to add a bit more cherry flavour, we collectively agreed on the batch.

Steve, Cindy, Jen, and Dave celebrating the new brew. 

Hello Batch_04: Cherry Saison! Available at Beertown starting the week of May 30th 2016. Please visit http://beertown.ca/beer-waterloo to know when the beer is being tapped.

ALSO, join us on Wed, May 25th to get an exclusive taste at Beertown Waterloo from 4–6PM. A representative will be there from Innocente talking about Batch_04: Cherry Saison! 

Have a sip and let us know what you think. Tell your server, or send us a message @beertownph on Twitter/Instagram or on Facebook – we always enjoy your feedback!

Contributers: Evin Lachance, Jennifer Appleby Vines, Cindy Perri


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