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Here’s how a Simple Graphic Changed our Views on Straw-Consumption

We, as a group, have decided to take a big step towards reducing our carbon footprint and will no longer be serving plastic straws with drinks. As of May 2nd, all Charcoal Group Restaurants will be adopting a new “Straws on Request” policy – with some minor exceptions for drinks which require the use of a straw. This includes all Beertown locations, both Moose Winooski’s, The Charcoal Steak House, Martini’s, dels, The Bauer Kitchen, Wildcraft, The Bauer Bakery & Café and Sociable Kitchen + Tavern.

A few weeks ago Megan Stover sent Jody Palubiski a simple graphic on why straws suck, provided by Project Schone Schie. Just one fact had a huge impact on Jody, and made him rethink the way CG dealt with our own straw-consumption. Almost immediately, he set off to cease the practice of automatically putting straws in drinks.

(Graphic provided through Project Schone Schie)

After a company-wide poll, Jody’s idea was well accepted, and on Earth Day 2016 the announcement was made on social that all CG Restaurants were to implement a "Straws on Request" policy in an effort to decrease plastic waste. As stated in our press release below we will no longer automatically put straws in drinks. Instead, we will only provide straws to guests who ask for them or require them (Ie: frozen drink, kid drinks).

We looked into our own straw usage and found that on average, company wide, we are using 27,317 straws PER week. that is around 1,420,500 PER year! (We were shocked by this number).

If we stop automatically giving out straws, reduce the amount of waste, and respect our planet, this CG initiative will be worth it.

Continuing the trend, CG will constantly be looking at areas in our day to day work process to see how we can continue to refuse, reduce, and respect! We think #StrawsSuck and we plan to do our part in any way possible to ensure a cleaner future in the regions in which we operate – and beyond...

(external memo created April 22, 2016)

Contributors: Evin Lachance, Cindy Perri, Jennifer Tamse, Julie Glasgow


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