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Beertown is Rolling out the Green Carpet

We're right in the middle of Summer and it seems that music festivals, buskers and concerts are crawling all over your city–why not get a taste of that action?

Starting in the month of August, Beertown Public House is again joining forces with Rolling Rock Brewing Company to send six lucky fans, two from each location, to see Motley Crue in concert on Tuesday August 22nd.


Here’s what you have to do: Either look at this graphic above or …

1. Get your hands on a Rolling Rock to receive your ballot.

2. Fill the ballot out. Make sure the that the manager has signed & stamped the back of it, If not, the ballot is Invalid; it pays to be observant.

3. KEEP YOUR BALLOT! Keep it in your purse, wallet, night table, bra, sock, glove compartment, junk drawer in your kitchen, underneath your mattress, wherever–keep it secret keep it safe!

4. We’re going to add here, you can have as many ballots as possible. Be sure to play safe.

5. Bring the ballots to the Beertown location, where you received them, on Tuesday, August 22nd 2015. Ballots are NON-transferable between locations.

EACH LOCATION HAS A DIFFERENT TIME THAT YOU HAVE TO BE THERE. We suggest you arrive 1 hour before and grab another beer. What’s one more Rolling Rock for good luck?

Limo Pick-up Times:

Beertown London: 4:30pm (arrive at 3:30 to be safe)

Beertown Waterloo: 5:45pm (arrive at 4:45 to be sure you don’t miss it)

Beertown Cambridge: 6:10pm (arrive at 5:10 and be the early bird)

6.Cross your fingers, wish for luck, and you, with your friend, could be swept away by a Brentwood LiveryLimousine to the Motley Crue concert in Toronto right then and there!!! NO TAKE BACKS.

Good luck and may the Hobs be every in your favour! 

Just a little taste : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo8B5bv6V8U

Past Green Carpet Concerts:

Jack White (2014)

Black Sabbath (2014) 

Kings of Leon

Images from the past Green Carpet Events: 


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