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Lets Taco 'Bout It!

This past Friday The Bauer Kitchen, Wildcraft & Beertown Public House all participated in the Third Annual Waterloo Region Tacofest.

As the website says Tacofest promises three things: tacos, craft beer, & good times. Having attended the event two years in a row we can confidently say that this is 100% true. Tacofest is an annual fiesta for the community and has become a unique staple in the Waterloo Region calendar. The competition consisted of ten restaurants, where everyone crafted a delicious taco in hopes that they would win the Golden Taco Award, and ten craft breweries also competing for a coveted prize! All proceeds from the event went to support Community Support Connections –Meals on Wheels and More, a local charity that works for seniors and adults with disabilities.  

Tacofest was hosted at THEMUSEUMand was clearly the perfect venue. All three floors we're crawling with taco and craft brewery enthusiasts making for a very compelling night out in Kitchener, ON. We also got to spend a lot of time with their Dinosaurs exhibit!

Beertown Public House was on the main level welcoming the guests to the event. They had created a delicious Mediterranean Lamb Taco that had guest coming back for thirds. The gentlemen worked hard to recreate the charm and keen eye for detail created within our restaurants.

The Bauer Kitchen was the returning champ from last year. Having won both The Golden Taco (best taco by Jury decision) and The People’s Choice, all eyes were on them and they didn't disappoint. Having received an incredible amount of support from the community their Taco Al Pastor with achiote & pineapple marinated pork, and their vegetarian option with just roasted pineapples and achiotes, was well received by all!

Wildcraft Wherever, who was on the top floor, had two creations. The first featured cocoa & beer braised beef cheek known as the “Cheeky Taco” and the second, a vegetarian option, was a tempura beer-battered avocado. It was their first time at the event and the Chef and team were on point all night–delivering nothing but flavours that the pickiest taco critique couldn’t resist.

The Wildcraft team ended up winning The Vegetarian Taco Award and received honourable mention in the Golden Taco race for their avocado creation. It was a clear favourite from the beginning and we are incredibly proud of Wildcraft for taking it home.

Don't worry, if you missed the event you can still get tacos from all three of the restaurants! The Bauer has a Taco Tuesday every week, Beertown has their Taco Trio served on the regular menu and Wildcraft is featuring their 'Cheeky Taco' as one of the starters for Summer in The City starting July 20th 2015. Your taste buds are safe with us and we hope you get a chance to taste each unique taco... Might we suggest a taco crawl?!

Thank you again to the Waterloo Region Tacofest for making this event possible, we are thrilled to have been part of such a creative and community driven event. Thank you to THEMUSEUM for hosting the event in your beautiful space! We hope to see you all again next year!


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