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An Innovative Combination of Charcoal & Wine

I’m a firm believer that wine brings everyone together and last Tuesday was no exception.

It was exiting to be part of a group of 30 Charcoal employees invited from HQ and all the restaurants to visit Cave Spring Cellars! The occasion was to commemorate the wonderful partnership between us and the Winery, as well as celebrate the new Wildcraft White 2014 and Charcoal Red 2013 blends being created for the end of the year.

We left early in the morning and embarked on our journey to Cave Spring Cellars located in the escarpment of the Niagara region. Once we arrived we started the session with an amazing tour from Tom Pennachettis and Rob Miller who let us taste the fruits they harvest to create the wines. We were taught about the history of the Winery and what goes into making their wine special. Here’s a secret it’s a perfect blend of soil, location, weather, and love–some would argue wine does go best with a little cheese.

Basically I could have stayed out all day sampling the grapes on the vines. There's nothing like the refreshing flavour of a Cave Spring’s grape. I was content where I was but we did have a full day planned.

Rob continued a walking tour through the rest of the orchard. Enjoying the sun and the beautiful view we learned more about the grapes, harvesting process and tasted more varieties of wine. We were then brought to a club house where they had laid out our new collaborative blends which were ultimately well received by the group. There was a crash course in how to talk about our wines and they made sure we knew what went in to making them. It was exciting to see their passion for the product and their enthusiasm was certainly contagious. 

Afterwards, we took a short bus ride to Jordan, ON where Cave Spring Cellars has their Winery. We were treated to an amazing buffet and were all in awe of the food and wine pairings they had created for us. I’m still drooling over the potato salad and I’m probably not the only one!

It was neat to see the blend of the staff from each restaurant. I loved sharing experiences with the ones I work with. I mean who wouldn’t want to come to work and have a sip or two of wine with their colleagues. Looking forward to the next time we’re all together.

Thank you again to Cave Spring Cellars for their incredible hospitality. Good luck on the Harvest we look forward to tasting the 2015 vintage in a couple years. Look out for Wildcraft White 2014 and Charcoal Red 2013 coming shortly to a Charcoal Group restaurant new you! 

Check out the social posts of some of the Employees. Thanks to everyone who supplied a photo!

Lindsay from The Bauer Kitchen:

Lisa from Beertown Public House London: 

Erin from The Bauer Kitchen:

Writer & Photographer: Evin Lachance, New Media Culturalist at Charcoal Group of Restaurants


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