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Brooklyn in the House!

Glasses full of well-crafted brews, excitable murmurs from the crowd and the scent of mouthwatering food lofting from the kitchen. To say that these events were just exciting leaves much to be described–they were electric! Our Brooklyn Brewery: 5 Course Beer & Food Pairing Event went off without a hitch, after selling out 180 seats in total in just 3 DAYS.

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Both Nights, Jan 12th at Beertown Public House London & Jan 13th at The Bauer Kitchen were well received by everyone. Positive feedback was given, there was a lot of cheers and laughter going around.

What goes into a CG event such as this? We had less than two weeks to organize two beer dinners that showcased not only our restaurants and culinary merits but Brooklyn Brewery’s rebellious neo-brand.

We planned the menu, selected the beers to be paired, created a great promotional campaign and reserved all of the seats. A lot of work went into the event–a lot of conference calls were held and numerous emails were sent, BUT it was well worth it.

Our guests drank delicious beers and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our world-class culinary team. The team was lead by the Director of Culinary Chef Eric Pless and Executive Chef Brian McCourt of TBK, in collaboration with Chef Andrew Gerson, Head of the Culinary program at the Brooklyn Brewery. Early on, the trio had an opportunity to sit down and plan each dish and beer pairing together. The tasting notes of each beer paired with the experienced pallets of the chefs proved to be a winning combination.

1st Course: Scallop, Tobiko, Bacon Dashi, Crispy Rice, Brussel Sprouts

2nd Course: Top Meadows Tartare, Bone Marrow, House-Made Sour Dough

The Night's commentary by Chef Andrew Gerson elevated each plate and gave the guest an informed experience when taking each sip

3rd Course: Duck Ham, Crispy Butternut Squash, Duck Crackling

4th Course: Lamb Shoulder, Charred baby carrots, Lamb bordelaise, Shoot boss sprouts

5th Course: Devils Rock Blue, Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, Mostarda, Foccacia Crisps

Claire Moyle (left – Export Manager at Brooklyn Brewery) & Jennifer Tamse (Right – CG Beer Czar) greeting guests.

On the beer side, Beer Czar Jennifer Tamse worked closely with the Brooklyn Team to carefully curate a diverse selection of Brooklyn brews, and ensure that the beers which had never been brought into Ontario before made it to our restaurants in time. This process granted us the opportunity to create an exclusive tasting experience for our guests. Everything was done to create a welcoming atmosphere wherein well-crafted food and beer could be appreciated by every single attendee.

(Beer: Sorachi Ace, Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale, ABV: 7.6%)

(Beer: Wild Streak, Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale (Aged in Bourbon Barrels & Bottle Conditioned w/ Brett), ABV: 10.0%)

(Beer: Local 1, Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale, ABV: 9.0%)

(Beer: K is for Kriek, Style: American Wild Ale, ABV: 10.1%)

(Beer: Intensified Coffee Porter, Style: American Porter (Barrel-Aged), ABV: 11.8%)

We have huge respect for Brooklyn Brewery–there is much akin between BB and CG. Two companies with rich histories started from something very small and built solid businesses by following their values and pushing the envelope. They too have gotten stronger through growth and continue to do new, interesting things. They are leading the trends. As they said during the events,"big doesn’t have to mean less crafted."

Look out for more nights such as this one from The Charcoal Group of Restaurants in the near future. We are always planning exclusive events to entertain our guests which stay true to the values which define us!

For CG to execute this wonderful collaborative event we must thank: Chef Brian McCourt of TBK, Director of Culinary Chef Eric Pless, BTW Chef Ben were all on board for the TBK event. Brian, Eric and BTC Chef Matt Kenney were at the BTL event. Jen Tamse played a huge roll in bringing the beverage together. Jason Ernst lead the service team in BTL. All the staff at both The Bauer Kitchen & Beertown Public House London!

Other thanks goes out to Andrew Gerson, Chef & Head of the Culinary Program at Brooklyn Brewery. Your charisma and beer knowledge inspired the crowd. Claire Moyle, Export Manager of the Brooklyn Brewery who also took the time to speak with guests and worked hard getting the beers to the tables. As well as Graham Smith & Lance Rondeau for making sure the night went as smoothly as possible.

Photographs by: Evin Lachance, New Media Culturalist at The Charcoal Group of Restaurants


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