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Small Group, Big Opportunity

Well okay, so maybe we aren't THAT small with 700+ employees and growing at an extremely fast pace. Not just a job, it's a career—with ample amounts of opportunities around every corner, our roots are in our community here in Waterloo Region and we take pride in working with each and every individual to provide the best career path available to them.

Our chefs, managers, owners, servers and everyone involved in the Charcoal Group of Restaurants make up our 'community' of stakeholders in what we consider the best industry in the world—the hospitality industry. So if you want to be a part of something small, but very big, c'mon in with an application and resume and meet some of our team to express your interest in starting a career with us.

We look forward to meeting you.

Passionate, Driven Chefs + Sous Chefs

Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, London, + Burlington, Ontario

Who You Are : Ideally, you think “real” people work nights, weekends and holidays. Since your first restaurant shift, you always knew you were a hospitality professional. You think that the restaurant never operates the same when you aren’t there. Problem solving comes easy to you, difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week.

Who We Are : The Charcoal Group is privately owned company celebrating our 60th year of world class cuisine. We are expanding a fun and exciting new restaurant concept that is leading the beer revolution. We are looking for the best and brightest hospitality professionals, who are looking for a long term career path with a passion of all things well-crafted. We are building a team of amazing people who want to use their fanatical attention to detail to help grow a group of insanely great restaurants.

Why Join us : You are looking for an opportunity of growth potential that matches your ambition. You want to work for a group of like-minded people that are truly interested in guests, and not just trying to get them interested in you. You want to realize your full potential of being a world class motivational and inspirational leader. You want to work for a company who takes your professional growth as seriously as theirs.

Culinary Applicants please forward résumé and references to:

Michael Hodgson

Director of Culinary Development at Beertown Public House

Exclusive Culinary Employment Opportunities: Öviinbyrd

Öviinbyrd, Muskoka Ontario

Öviinbyrd is one of Canada’s most prestigious private clubs and is now seeking potential culinary team members for seasonal employment.

We are looking for those individuals who offer a professional and obsessively fanatical approach to today’s foodservice environments. With insane attention to detail and a willingness to exceed our members’ expectations, you will work with like minded, passionate, focused team members to create dining experiences rivaling Michelin rated restaurants in North America.

With fine dining and casual menus changing frequently, our culinary powerhouse must be constantly on the top of their game to create exclusive creations that our guests eagerly anticipate. We want incredible individuals to fill all positions in the back of the house as well as the Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef and Pastry Chef position.

Culinary Applicants please forward résumé and references to:

Eric Pless

Director of Culinary - The Charcoal Group of Restaurants

APPLY NOW: Culinary Management Team at Oviinbyrd: Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef and Pastry Chef

APPLY NOW: Building the Culinary Brigade at Oviinbyrd; All back of house positions

Sociable Kitchen & Tavern
Servers, bartenders, and hosts
(1 yr Experience)

The Charcoal Group is currently looking for enthusiastic, motivated and lively hospitality leaders to join our team.

In over 60 years of service, the Charcoal Group continues to champion our beliefs that genuine, enlightened hospitality for our guests accompanied by natural, locally sourced, house-made food is what sets us apart. We are looking for career-minded individuals who are looking to lead our teams as we continue to expand our one of a kind restaurants.

You should understand that "real people" work nights, weekends and holidays. You should be "OK" with computers, but support the belief that CTRL/ALT/DELETE is a completely acceptable way to restart a computer. You should be awesome at skipping excuses and heading right to solutions. You should be a highly efficient individual who never turns their head from a standard. The word MOD should not offend you (on the outside). IBU helps you decide on a beer and the word "adjunct" actually raises some ire in your belly.

If the proceeding (or parts of it....) describes you, please email your resume and anything else you would like us to know about you to:

Ross Inouye

Regional Operations Leader, Sociable Kitchen & Tavern

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