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Winning a Cold Booze Competition

Winning a Cold Booze Competition

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The Bauer Bakery may be one of Midtown’s hidden gems, but it sure knows how to make a big splash in the GTA cocktail scene. Early last week during the Cold Booze competition held by Propeller Coffee Co. in Toronto, ON, 10 establishments from across western and southern Ontario gathered to showcase their own variations of a cold booze cocktail using Propeller’s Cold Brew as inspiration. The Bauer Kitchen was one of the contenders and the outcome of the night was definitely something to be proud of. I caught up with Ginny Pintur, half...

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Baker's Beer Tasting Celebration

Baker's Beer Tasting Celebration

Baker's Beer Tasting Celebration came together when we realized that Jay Baker, Baker the Freeloader from FM 96 in London, Ontario, was a huge beer enthusiast and used to write a beer blog. We decided that we could partner up and help expose more people to awesome craft beer scene and the great culinary team at Beertown London – what better way to get people talking then, to pair beer and food?! Bakers Beertown Blog was born and the first event came together. 

The event was a fantastic collaboration of delicious craft beers from Forked River Brewing CompanyAnderson's Craft...

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The Award Winning Bauer Kitchen Menu

Interview with Ryan Stockie, Senior Designer at The Charcoal Group of Restaurants and winner of the Design Miscellaneous - S eries from Applied Arts for The Bauer Kitchen menu redesign!

What inspired the design?

The Bauer restaurant now lives in what once was an old felt factory, so we wanted to replicate that feeling in our menus and give a nod to the past. Starting with that idea and getting the green light, we ran with it. Using industrial elements and items you would find in factories, I began to sample design elements like file folders, hole...

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Partners in

Read the story behind Charcoal Group's newly crafted Signature Wines.

The Final

Part Two to the Partners in Wine signature wines series.

Designing the Labels

Read about the process behind designing the labels for the new signatures wines.

Phase 2

Six Sommeliers and an Aspiring Wine Drinker Walk Into a Vineyard...

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