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Hay Isn't Just for Horses Anymore!

Join the Straw-volution! The conversation surrounding straw use is not a new one for us here at The Charcoal Group. Back in 2016, we learned that plastic straws were rapidly collecting in our main bodies of water and realized it was definitely time to take action! After all, the surface of planet earth is approximately 71% ocean! It was predicted that by the year 2050, there would be more plastic in the oceans than fish! This inspired The Charcoal Groups official mandate to only provide plastic straws on request....

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Ethan Higham: 20 in their 20’s, One of Many

One of our proudest accomplishments as a company has been fostering a culture of beer & hospitality education. From the extensive training under the culinary and beverage programs to opportunities to receive higher training such as Cicerone and Prud'Homme, our investment in our team members has remained paramount.

In an effort to highlight one of our highly accomplished managers, we nominated Ethan Higham, Beverage Manager at Beertown London for one of Londons Twenty in Their 20’s topbusiness influencers. This recognition allowed Ethan to be featured in the October issue of...

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Celebrating International Women's Day with The Charcoal Group!

The Charcoal Group has grown its team with a group of successful women at its core and continue to support the importance of women leaders in the workplace.

By identifying and investing in strong female team members, Charcoal Group has established a team of 17 female leaders and will continue to grow that number in the coming years. With women in roles including marketing, operations, management and culinary, the Charcoal Group continues to support female talent in the hospitality industry.

With a combined 95 years of time spent with the Charcoal...

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Partners in

Read the story behind Charcoal Group's newly crafted Signature Wines.

The Final

Part Two to the Partners in Wine signature wines series.

Designing the Labels

Read about the process behind designing the labels for the new signatures wines.

Phase 2

Six Sommeliers and an Aspiring Wine Drinker Walk Into a Vineyard...

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